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Waste Amalgam

Waste Amalgam is the trimmed pieces of the composition of mercury and silver alloy amalgamated to form a durable material suitable for the filling of cavities.


The waste is stored in suitable UN approved containers until a licensed collector removes this material issuing the relevant waste transfer note and hazardous consignment note to the dentists also knows as the producer.


Less than one percent of the mercury unconfined into the atmosphere is released from amalgam and still this quantity is in the outline of amalgam and not methyl mercury, the appearance of mercury which is of ongoing environmental anxiety. However, dentistry is devoted to recycle dental amalgam.


With ever increasing legislation it is at the moment more significant than ever to guarantee your company’s waste amalgam disposal is secure and disposed of in the approved mode, which is where we can assist.


One kind of synchronized waste is perilous waste. Dental hygienists require being conscious of the federal and state regulations associated with the diverse kind of dental waste. A complete program of illness control and security include policies, procedures and practices significant to dental waste.



Amalgam waste, for the secure disposal of any surplus quantity of assorted amalgam. As part of our promise to present a sustainable and environmentally mindful service, all of the amalgam waste we bring together is sent for recovery and recycling. Our services guarantee that your waste is deal with securely, officially and in the most environmentally effectual mode available.


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