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How The Process Works


Call your national office to request your Easyrefine Kit. We will send it to you by Fedex with instructions on shipping enclosed.


Place your scraps into the plastic container and PLEASE fill in the enclosed Melt and Assay Refining Form. Without it we will not know who to pay causing unnecessary delay to your settlement.


Count the days. Your shipment will arrive within 2 business days to our Michigan office.


It is opened, the client details are recorded and the material is now ready for processing under its unique identifier reference number.


Once the material has been processed a sample is sent to Independent Assay for precious metal evaluation.


Once the assay report is received we adhere that result back to your smelted bar to determine the physical value of the material.


A cashiers check is ordered from our Bank and then when received is sent back to you with a detailed analysis report. This report as demonstrated by sample below will identify before and after treatment weights, market prices on which the material is evaluated and also the precious metal content of Gold, Palladium, Platinum and Silver.


Time frame from start to finish and excluding any public holidays is 10 business days. It should be noted that all dental material ( with the exception of silver alloy powders) is assayed for all 4 precious metals. If the precious content is in the material we will report it back to you and pay you for it. With Silver at 30 year highs we pay you for all values..not selected ones.

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