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Bio Hazard Waste

Bio Hazard Waste also known for Bio Medical Waste.


Bio hazardous waste is waste that is either putrescible or potentially infectious. Bio medical waste may also comprise waste linked with the generation of bio medical waste that visually emerge to be of medical or laboratory basis as well research laboratory waste enclose bio molecules or organisms that are limited from environmental release.


As detailed below, discarded sharps considered bio medical waste whether they are contaminated or not, due to the possibility of being contaminated with blood and their propensity to cause injury when not properly contained and disposed of. Bio medical waste is a type of bio waste.


Biohazard waste, called infectious waste or biomedical waste, is any waste encloses catching materials or potentially infectious substances. Biohazard Waste is typically produce at health care facilities or research facilities and the term is used interchangeably with Medical Waste.


Biohazard waste must be redundant in containers that are evidently marked with a biohazard symbol or in a red bag, which is unanimously customary as a representation of  bio-hazardous waste.


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