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Why D-MMEX Easy Refine?

Why D-MMEX for Floor sweeps, Bench lemel, precious metals, Dental scrap, Dental waste and Precious Scrap.


“When I mapped out the EasyRefine program it was with simplicity in mind. Research showed that clients were tired of marketing claiming highest prices paid, best recovery of metals technology, thousands of “”testimonials”” from delighted customers and so on. I sat down with a blank piece of paper and looked at it for two hours before I wrote a single word………TRUST


How can a client trust a company above all others. It is easy for a refiner to say how great they are but who really decides! So trust was the issue. How can you gain the trust of the people who are going to send you hundreds or thousands of dollars/pounds/euros worth of precious metals.


The answer to the question was simple. You can’t buy trust and you certainly can’t market trust. It has to be earned on a repeat basis. Therefore the solution was simple. D-MMEX had to develop a program that was transparent in its reporting and accountable.


Who better to promote the program than the very group that the clients would interact with on a regular basis, the State Dental Associations. I was introduced to the Michigan Dental Association in Chicago early in 2004 and laid out my
proposals. Between Feb and April 2004 several senior Board Members of MDA tested the principles of the program for comparison and facility. The response was unanimous and in April 2004 D-MMEX Easy Refine was endorsed in Detroit.


15 years on we still handle work for each and every one of those “test” doctors and as word spread subsequent endorsements followed from Pennsylvania, Nebrsaka, New Mexico, Missouri, Colorado, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Louisiana and Tennessee. As the word of what we do spread across the USA and Canada we found that we were dealing with clients in every State. Most of our clients repeat with us thru the year which is testament to what we deliver.


If the client had any issue or question they could refer it back to the State Dental Association, our office in Michigan or directly to my desk.


In addition to the State endorsements D-MMEX was approached and endorsed by Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, New York County Dental Societies and there are some very exciting developments to further grow the “Family” in 2019.


I had achieved what I had seen with my blank piece of paper. TRUST and
INTEGRITY, SIMPLICITY, SPEED and ACCURACY all bundled into a neat EASY program. Ultimately I have never promoted that we might be better than any


David Morris

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