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From manufacturing to retail D-MMEX has over 12,000 clients worldwide working in the jewellery industry.


What Do We Process?


Bench Lemels and Grindings.
The trimmed work from creative construction is gathered in the bench leathers and should represent valuable returns These grindings and other high value material are melted down to form a bar. Prior to the melt we will run high strength magnets to remove any steel cores where possible from the mix thus ensuring a clean melt.


Extractor Bags.
Collections of floor sweepings and Central Suction Dust are treated differently to the above. Invariably they are of a higher volume of material yet lower density of value. To process this type of material the items are placed into an oven and burnt down to an ash. Once cooled this ash is raked for any oversize material and then blended in a bore mill. (This is a mixer where ball bearings will break down the material into small particles of fine dust ). Once blended the dust is sampled by taking representative grabs from all four quarters of the powder. The assay itself is performed by acid dissolution of the powder sample to determine the precious content.


Solids .
This material includes rings and chain that is surplus to requirements. Many retailers are now buying in scrap from their client base to supplement their revenue streams. With gold and particularly silver being at record levels the volumes of “live”


It is amazing how the fibres of a carpet can capture value. It is a little pot luck when burning a foam backed carpet as to what may be recovered. If the vacuum has been run over the carpet then it is likely that the value would be in bags if retained. Yet in 2006 (when prices were much lower) one carpet that had been down for 20 years returned over $22,000.


D-MMEX is probably one of the few processing companies that will assay your scrap for all 4 precious metals and pay for them as found.

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