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How do we pay?

The most crucial aspect of our operation is cementing the bond between company and client. The material has been shipped, processed and now settlement is anticipated.


D-MMEX Easyrefine has established a clear time line from start to finish of our program. Simply within 10 business days of the scrap being received at either our Warren, Michigan location a full and detailed analysis report together with our cashiers check will arrive back with the client.


As a company with clients across the world we take settlement very seriously. We do not settle in bullion and coins for a simple reason. We have seen over many years that this is an option available thru other companies but one for which the client is charged a premium of sometimes up to 10%. If the value of the scrap is $1000 then it may cost up to $1100 to get the equivalent value back bullion. D-MMEX do not encourage this practice.


Our program is designed for simplicity and uncomplicated facility. Our checks are deemed a cash instrument making the funds available immediately to the client on presentation to the Bank without fear of failure.

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