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Why Easyrefine?

The Company & The Concept


“When I mapped out the EasyRefine program it was with simplicity in mind. Research showed that clients were tired of marketing claiming highest prices paid, best recovery of metals technology , thousands of “testimonials” from delighted customers and so on. I sat down with a blank piece of paper and looked at it for two hours before I wrote a single word………TRUST


How can a client trust a company above all others. It is easy for a refiner to say how great they are but who really decides! So trust was the issue. How can you gain the trust of the people who are going to send you hundreds or thousands of dollars/pounds/euros worth of precious metals.


The answer to the question was simple. You can’t buy trust and you certainly can’t market trust. It has to be earned on a repeat basis. Therefore the solution was simple. We had to develop a program that was transparent in its reporting and accountable.


Using the principle of our parent company with a proven track record of over a decade in North America it was crucial to bring that back to our domestic market, the UK.


Why is The UK Market Different?


In North America dentists and lab owners are conditioned to a basic logical principle. There is no way anyone can physically identify the composition of failed crown and bridges or bench grindings. It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise.


The UK marketplace has been for 40 years conditioned to the fact that people will visit their workplace and with incredible X-Ray vision determine the composition of the materials. Honestly even the dentists cannot know what they are removing and replacing. Logic prevails.


We offer two viable options to the dentist, one of which is absolute and one which has to be taken on fair market value.


Melt and Assay


This is a no cost option but involves the dentist having absolute trust in the company they are dealing with and allowing that company to take the material away to be smelted down and independently assayed. Historically this can return up to 30% higher value but it is all about TRUST.


Weigh and Pay


If however, the preferred option is weight and pay then the majority of companies will make a guestimate of value based on a perceived end result. It is not a scientific evaluation but delivers a definitive settlement on the spot.


Whilst the first method is more lucrative to the client the second has to be taken on an agreed fair market value. The composition of each and every crown varies from bright yellow ( but low gold content) to white crowns ( with nickel chrome or good palladium content.) Our representatives are trained to identify and discuss with you what they can determine from your scrap.


Our name is as precious to us as the very commodities we trade in. It is how the exclusive endorsements have been won. In the UK new endorsements are under discussion with both groups and industry market leaders.


Our Representatives have all the Environment Agency paperwork as specified with both Duty of Care and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes. In that respect your place of work can demonstrate that you have acted in a RESPONSIBLE manner in the safe disposal of waste Amalgam and Crowns…..AND WE PAY YOU FOR IT TOO.


To encapsulate Easyrefine to our clients…it is our absolute desire to make you sit up and go WOW!!.

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