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Dental Practitioners are our core client base. Listed below are the materials we handle and process.


Failed Crown and Bridgework:
During the course of the working day the dentist will remove failed crowns and bridges which have exceeded their working life. These materials are constructed in the Dental Lab with precision and their composition will include up to four precious metals.


These precious metals are gold, platinum, palladium and silver in addition to a host of additional metals used in the alloy composition.


Our smelting process is dedicated to recovery of all precious metals which in the current marketplace have record values.


Each individual shipment is melted down in a crucible and borax salts are added to break down all elements. As this material starts the process as solids there is no vapour escape up the furnace extractor stack. Where present all porcelain and biological waste is burnt off to leave us with a liquid which when poured will form into a bar.


The bar itself (which usually formats as a grey piece of metal) is then checked for magnetic response. If the bar is magnetic then once the liquid has hardened copper is added and the bar is re-melted. The presence of any magnetic substance such as chromium or steel can cause significant variance to the assay and ultimately the valuation.


Once the bar is formed and cooled, drillings are taken from opposite ends of the bar. The purpose of the melt procedure is to produce a homogeneous bar of metal of which a high proportion will be precious. A homogeneous bar is one where all parts have been mixed and the resultant bar is equal in all parts.


The drillings are then sent off to an independent assay office to determine the precious content of the bar. The Assay Office is completely neutral and is only sent the drillings. In this way they have no concept of the weight of the bar, nor its actual value. A very small reserve sample is retained just in case additional testing is required.


Once the assay is reported it is then applied to the job reference( bar) and a value is determined.


Additional Materials Processed:
Bench Grindings, Platinum Foils, Casting Machine Flashings, Extractor Bags, Floor and Bench Sweepings.


All these materials are detailed in our Technicians Page


In addition to working with jewelers more and more doctors and their member of staff have old or broken pieces they may wish to trade in. Of course we are happy to do this and we will offer the same level of service. We are very keen to state that we do not engage in some of the less pleasant practice that many “gold buyers” have employed with such bad press


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